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Mr Tauchert is the class teacher in 5 Schubert.

Academic Year 2021-22



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Academic Year 2020-21



5 Schubert Welcome Meeting

Year 5 Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

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Autumn Half Term 2

Year 5 have had another busy this half term in the lead up to Christmas.

In English, we have been exploring non-fiction style texts. This has given us many opportunities to delve deeper into topics we are studying in History and Science; for example we wrote a biography on Elizabeth I and wrote an instructional text on How to Make your own Plant.

For our History topic we continued our study of the Tudor period; this time focusing more closely on the reign of the last Tudor monarch, Elizabeth I. We have explored some of the key events that took place during her reign, for instance the Spanish Armada, and the unique problems she faced as a female monarch, which have led to her immense significance in British history. This topic has been further contextualised through Real Life Maths, in which we took on the role of Queen Elizabeth’s military advisors, and had to use our skills of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, and 1000 in order to efficiently distribute weapons and food to our scattered armies.

In Science, we have been looking at the different life cycles of certain plants and animals, again using this topic to develop our English writing skills by creating an explanation text on the life cycle of a flowering plant. As well as this, we also conducted an ongoing investigation in to what helps a plant to grow. Using runner bean seeds, we limited the amount of sunlight and water these seeds would receive, came up with predictions on what we thought would happen to the rate of growth, and recorded our observations over the term.

Thank you to everyone that could donate to the PTA Crafts event. With your help, the children were able to create some fantastic looking dragon bookmarks and origami Christmas trees, and we had a great time doing it!

Autumn Half Term 1

Year 5 have had a blast this half term!

In English, we read our class novel Why the Whales Came. Using this text as a guide, we explored different genres including: narrative, play scripts, poetry, informal letters and diary entries. We also had a chance to write our own examples of each of these from different characters’ perspectives from the novel.

For our history topic we have studied the Tudor period. So far, we have learnt about the War of the Roses, Henry VIII and his wives and, most recently, his break from Rome and the Catholic Church. We have also looked at the attire worn in the Tudor period and how it differs to our modern wardrobes today.

In Art, we have had the pleasure of learning about Friedrich Hundertwasser and exploring his use of patterns, lines and colour in his unique work to create vibrant contrasts. We absolutely loved creating our own artworks based on his.