Southfield Primary School

5 Schubert

Ms McGrael is 5 Schubert class teacher and Ms Pope is the teaching assistant.

During the spring Home Schooling period, please find below the activities that Ms McGrael would like 5 Schubert to complete:

Log on to Mathletics and complete tasks.
Log on to Reading Eggs and complete tasks.
Log on to Curriculum Visions (log in details sent by Parentmail) 

History: Read about Tudor Homes, Tudor Exploration, Mary Queen of Scots and The Spanish Armada. Please find below some activities.

Science: Compare life cycle of different mammals, birds, insects and amphibians. Please find below some science activities.

Spelling: Go back over the rules we have learned so far this year e.g doubling r, prefixes, silent letters, able/ible/ably/ibly , cial/tial, homophones, c and ie.
Years 5 and 6 Spellings List.

Comprehension: Read and complete some comprehensions, including some on Tudors, Space and Animals and Habitats.

Autumn Term

Last term, 5S and 5P studied C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

In order to contextualise our learning, we took a trip to The Bridge Theatre at Tower Hill in Central London. We were really excited as we hadn’t yet read the ending, so the second half of the performance was a huge surprise to us. And what a surprise it was! There were huge battle scenes, not to mention deaths and rebirths of characters and all punctuated by Ms. Pope’s tears (it is her favourite book after all!). All in all, we had an amazing afternoon. It was great to see the characters for ourselves and gain a better insight into their personalities. We can’t wait to get back and get writing! 

We also studied the Greeks and the Romans as part of our topic work.

We took a trip to the Museum of London, Barbican, London to help us to contextualise our learning.  We took a self-guided tour around the Roman exhibitions at the Museum and completed tasks as we walked our way through Londinium! The afternoon took us a short walk from the museum, to the Guildhall. Our archaeologist and tour guide Andrew brought us below ground to the ruins of London’s only Roman amphitheatre! It was amazing. We were given artefacts to hold and discuss and we got a feeling for what it would have been like to have lived in London during the Roman times.