Southfield Primary School

School Journey

The School Journey is one of the highlights for Year 6s and our pupils have enjoyed their residential in a number of PGL camps.

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The Southfield Archive has the record of the first ever school trip. It was to Dymchurch in Kent in 1938.It was for a whole 14 days. I wonder if the children missed their parents? Would you like the school journey to last for 14 days?  Do you think the teachers would?


letter dymchurch

Dear Boys,

For the first time in the history of your school, the Acton Education Authority, the School Journey Association and your Masters are co-operating in the organisation of your School Journey. We are living in a changing world, and if there is one characteristic that distinguishes this age from its predecessors, it is the cult of the open air. The glory of England, and the beauty of the countryside are being discovered anew and for a fortnight you yourselves will go in search of them.

You must not regard your school journey solely as a holiday in the country or by the sea-side, though you will of course have a very jolly time. It will be, for you, a very valuable experience. You will leave your parents, and perhaps you will realise for the first time the little ‘extras’ you got at home. Then you will make a detailed study of a very delightful region in Kent, a region teaming with historical associations and like the pilgrims of yore, you will finally reach Canterbury. You will remember Canterbury long after your School Journey is over.

Finally, remember that for a fortnight you are at a ‘boarding school’ and that you are under the control of your Masters all the time. Their task is a heavy one, but you can do as much to help them by behaving as intelligent boys should and as scholars of Southfield School always do.

You have my best wishes for a happy and profitable School Journey.

Yours sincerely,

A J Grubb