Southfield Primary School


Like most Parent Teacher associations, our aim is to enhance the children’s experience of school.  The SPSA is a registered charity and regularly raises around £28,000 a year, which has been spent on improving equipment and resources in the school as well as paying for some of the 'extras' that the local authority cannot provide.  All parents and carers are automatically members of the SPSA when their child attends the school but what really makes a difference is having active members.

The SPSA is about much more than just fundraising.  The range of events we organise helps provide closer links between home and school and provide a positive way to bring staff, parents and pupils together socially in support of the school community.

Check out our latest weekly newsletter (3 March 2020) to find out what the SPSA is up to and join us.

SPSA Committee members and responsibilities

SPSA Events/Project Areas and Non-Committee Roles

  • SPSA Newsletter (fortnightly) – Kat Alaam-Jones and Alex Broadbent
  • International Food Evening Co-ordinator – Alex Broadbent
  • VACANT Christmas Bazaar Co-ordinator – (Anna Symons leaving 2020) 
  • Christmas Theatre Trip – Alex Broadbent
  • Christmas Cards – Jude Smith
  • VACANT Summer Party/Auction Co-ordinator – (Michaella Standen temporary)
  • Quiz Night – Charlie Cook and Alex Broadbent
  • Sunflower Fete 2020 – Michaella Standen and Alex Broadbent
  • Recycling projects – Music Magpie (books), Empties Please – Margie Clements
  • Uniform Sales – Teresa Presa
  • Lead liaison for Year 6 Leavers July 2020 Anna Symons

Trustees: Michaella Standen (Chair), Kat Alaam-Jones, Alex Broadbent (Co-chair), Claire Collins (Treasurer)

Not serving on main committee: Anna Symons, Jude Smith, Margie Clements, Michaella Standen

The SPSA is looking to fill the vacant committee roles below. If you are interested please contact Michaella Standen at

  • Secretary
  • Summer Party/Auction lead
  • Christmas Bazaar Team 2020
  • Sunflower Fete 2020 – committee members needed
  • Lead liaison for Year 6 Leavers in July 2021
  • Auditor for the SPSA accounts
  • PR/Media Manager (including Car Boot Sale)


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