Southfield Primary School

Reception Handel

Mrs Williams is the class teacher in Reception Handel. 


Academic Year 2021-22



Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview 



Academic Year 2020-21



R Handel Welcome Meeting

Reception Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview 

Reception Spring 1 Curriculum Overview

Reception Summer 1 Curriculum Overview

Reception Summer 2 Curriculum Overview

Autumn Half Term 2

This half term, Reception Handel have been learning about Space. We have been exploring the Solar System by naming planets and learning about their position in relation to the Sun. We have talked about the jobs and responsibilities of an astronaut – we loved playing in our class space station! We also talked about what it would be like to travel and live in space. We made rockets as part of a home project. In class, we made and decorated flying saucers and aliens. Inspired by Whatever Next, we had to select few of most crucial items to pack with us before we set off to the Moon in our cardboard space shuttle.

We have been building on our knowledge and understanding of number. We began adding and subtracting using a variety of objects. We read Abigail and helped the main character do some counting. We also read Titch where we compared sizes, heights and weights. We used scales, rulers and measure tapes to measure how heavy and how long things were! As a class, we also compared ourselves and lined up from the shortest person. We will do it again soon as we are still growing and the order may change!

In PE, we have been challenging ourselves in lots of different activities where not only did we need to use our muscle strength but also body balancing. We also needed to use our eyes and continued to show space awareness when moving around the hall.

As Christmas is approaching, we have begun practising our play titled Woops-A-Daisy Angel. We cannot wait to film it and show it to our parents!

Autumn Half Term 1

Reception Handel have been learning about Ourselves. We have been getting to know our new classmates and building friendships.

The children shared their shoe boxes with the whole class and through this we got to learn about the different things we like and enjoy doing. Children have role played in the home corner and retold the stories of The Little Red Hen and Handa’s Surprise using masks and props. We have been developing our pencil control during handwriting sessions and art activities including drawing or own self portrait. When looking at the story of Funny Bones learnt about different bones in our bodies and made some skeleton pictures. In Maths we have been counting to 100 and back from 20. We have been practising recognising numerals 0-9 and how to find one more and one less.

See below for some of our class displays and some amazing examples of the work we have been doing this half term.