Southfield Primary School

Reception Handel

Mrs Ouko is R Handel class teacher and Ms Baptiste is the teaching assistant. 

And here is R Handel dressed up as People Who Help Us!

During this spring Home Schooling period, find below the activities that Mrs Ouko would like R Handel to complete:

Log on to Mathletics and complete tasks.
Log on to Reading Eggs and complete tasks.

We are learning about Growing:
– plant some seeds/kidney beans
– look at the roots as it grows
– draw what you see as it grows
– label your picture
– write some sentences about how plants grow

Please find below other activities.

 Autumn Term

 For Charities Week in December, RH and RC chose the RSPCA to link with the topic People Who Help Us. Eve and Becs from the RSPCA came to talk to us about what they do. They showed us how they catch cats so that they don’t hurt the animals or themselves. We also learnt about what dogs, cats and rabbits need to stay happy and healthy. The children asked some interesting questions at the end. We made tea lights to sell to our parents to raise money for the charity.