Southfield Primary School

Parents / Carers

Our community and familial ethos is a key aspect of our school; first and foremost we are a community and we welcome parents to be full and active members of the school. Through our parents’ forum, sunflower assemblies, open mornings and meetings in the playground each day we aim to be inclusive and cohesive. Our happy and caring staff are passionate about the children and we aim to develop children’s talents and skills and importantly to become the best people they can.

Meet the Teacher

At the beginning of the academic year, parents and guardians have the opportunity to attend a welcome meeting with the child’s class teacher and learn about the year ahead. This offers parents a unique opportunity to get to know the teacher, see the classroom and learn about the curriculum.

Sunflower Assemblies

Sunflower assemblies happen on a Friday morning and are an opportunity for parents and carers to share success with their children.  

Open Mornings

Open mornings take place in the child's classroom; parents and guardians are invited to come into school and let their child show and explain the work they have produced. They look together at their books, a fantastic opportunity for parents and children.

Parents' Workshops

Workshops are presentations where the subject leader explains to the parents and guardians the aims and objectives of the curriculum subject, whether it is Maths, English or Science. You can find the most recent powerpoint presentations in Parents' Workshops.