Southfield Primary School

Reading Festival Week

This year our annual Reading Festival week took place virtually and in our bubbles at school. It was a little different to usual but by all accounts the children had a brilliant week full of theatre performances and author workshops. Please take a look at the newsletter which will show you what a great week we all had! 

Our amazing pupils took part in our Speak Aloud Competition where they read a poem or story of their choosing. Some even wrote something specifically for the competition.

The overall winners of Speak Aloud are:

Nursery: Ellie

Reception: Seb and Esme

Year 1: Holly and Tom

Year 2: Belle, Lily and Joanna

Year 3: Matilda

Year 4: Grace and Erin

Year 5: Tristan and Mariella

Year 6: Isla and Lola

Some of the winning entries can be found below:


We held our Reading Festival week from March 2nd to March 6th. We had visits, talks and workshops from four superb authors, Abi Elphinstone, Faustin Charles, Cliff McNish and Sam Copeland. The children learned all about how authors use real life experiences and adventures to create their stories by just adding a little bit of magic, sparkle and wonder! They also learned how folklore and cultural experiences can be used to create great stories, poems, nursery rhymes and even games!

Scholastic held a book fair in our lower hall for the whole week which was a roaring success and generated lots of rewards for our school library.

The children also created their own book of poems, stories, jokes and riddles called Southfield’s Book of Wonders which went on sale at the book fair too. Hopefully, it will not be the last time we will see some of our pupils names as authors! 

Many of our classes also got to visit Acton Library and some even became first-time members. This was a great way to show the children how great a resource our libraries are and to help inspire a love for reading at all ages.

  5 Schubert at Acton Library


Hobgoblin Theatre Group visited and put on two wonderful performances of The Wizard of Oz for the whole school: a real mid-week treat!

The Wizard of Oz


World Book Day was a kaleidoscope of colour throughout the school with every creature and character imaginable appearing for one day only. Our brilliant SPSA coordinated and ran the annual Book Swap which always goes down well and Waterstones came to visit to hand out free books in exchange for the World Book Day tokens each school gets sent.

Finally, we announced the winners of our poetry competitions. Each winner got to select a book of their choice from Ms Tamber’s secret collection!

Thank you to all who purchased at our school books fair and who sponsored our children who took part in the Usborne sponsored read. You all contributed to raising over £2000 for the school. What a great achievement!

All in all, it was a fantastic week to celebrate and enjoy reading. We can’t wait for next year!