Southfield Primary School

Message from Head Boy and Head Girl

At Southfield we are fortunate to have a hard working Head Boy and Head Girl, who applied and attended a rigorous interview to gain this coveted accolade. They work hard and meet regularly with Dr Jones. Supporting them are our Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. 

This is what our Head Boy wanted you to know about Southfield:

My name is Guzman and I have been appointed Head Boy, accompanied by my peer Samuel as Deputy Head Boy.

We have had many fulfilling experiences at this School. During these past eight years, we have learnt to develop the core values:
Trust, Respect, Unity and Empathy.
Trust - through the knowledge of our teachers and staff .
Respect - different religions, beliefs and backgrounds as represented by the pupils.
Unity - being proud of taking part and contributing to our community.
Empathy - putting ourselves in other people’s shoes as taught here throughout all years’ groups.

The School curriculum covers subjects including English and creative writing and Maths and Real Life Maths (our maths teacher is the best) and our learning and creativity is continually enhanced by music, drama, art and languages. Maths is one of my favourite subjects and this passion has been ignited more so this year with the introduction of Real Life Maths. This is when we take objectives we are learning in Maths and then complete tasks that are related to real life situations. As we have been learning about World War II, our Real Life Maths lessons have been incorporating this topic into them. For example, one of our lessons was about addition and rationing during the war period. These lessons are fun and they give us the opportunity to work with our friends and this helps our confidence as we can express more in our smaller groups and become more comfortable with other class mates who you may not know very well.

We also have a wonderful school setting: Southfield Primary offers 3 halls, a library, a room full of computers, iPads and a large playground divided into four sections, including the pond area and sensory garden. Two canteens provide your child with healthy, hot food every day.

This school has helped me so much and has prepared me in so many ways for high school. I think it’s a great school and I would recommend it to prospective parents for their children.

Thank you for reading.

And this is what our Head Girl wanted you to know about the school:

Hello everyone and welcome to the wonderful world of Southfield.

I am Rose and I am head girl here; I really think that you should send your children to Southfield as it is a very special place. I still remember my first day here and I was really scared but all the teachers were really welcoming and the older children were so kind and considerate - it is still like that today. The older children are allowed to play with the younger kids at lunch time and love it when they get to share their fun and games. Not only do Year 6 get the opportunity to teach with Reception, we also have the chance to play with the rest of Key Stage 1 in their separate playground as ambassadors or mentors.

Our playgrounds are split into different sections for Nursery, Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 so that no one feels intimidated by older and bigger students in the space.

At Southfield, we are helped to grow in confidence by our amazing teachers and are then given the opportunity to express this in awesome class assemblies, where parents are allowed to see their children share with the school what they have learnt through drama. We also have Sunflower assemblies. These are when each class teacher selects three students that have shown our true values (trust, respect, unity and empathy) or have worked really hard in the week and they are awarded with a certificate.

Southfield also covers many subjects including Maths, English and Science and we have been introduced to some fantastic initiatives this year, for instance, Real Life Maths and Maths through Story – these lessons apply Maths to real life situations and are so much fun as we get to investigate and solve problems with our class mates. We also have creative writing which gives us the chance to re-tell tales from our own, new perspectives, building on vocabulary.

Not only do we cover the more academic subjects but we also have the opportunity to express our creativity in subjects such as Drama (including our epic Shakespeare project where students get to act out a Shakespeare play, using acting, dancing and singing), Art, Spanish and Music with our specialist teachers.

Southfield gives us lots of opportunities to go on school trips, such as our great Year 6 trip to the Houses of Parliament and our residential trip to PGL.

I really hope you pick Southfield for your child, it is a very special place.