Southfield Primary School

Harrison Catering

School lunches are prepared on site by Harrison Catering To find a copy of the weekly menus please click here. If your child does not eat certain foods because of religious belief please let the school know. Vegetarian options are available every day. You need to register with Harrison and make payments through their website. The current cost per day for school meals is £2.35.  If your child is absent you will not be charged and you will receive credit against the next payment. Parents may pay for the whole half term or term in advance if they wish.

If you receive Income Support or think that your child is entitled to free school meals, contact the school office for more information.

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The school has two canteens, one for infants and one for juniors, with staggered lunchtimes from 11.45 to 1.00 pm. In the infants canteen, children from Reception classes go to lunch first. This means they have the canteen to themselves for at least 15 minutes before the first sitting children come out. We have found this particularly successful in helping new children get used to the lunchtime routine. Lunchtime supervisors are present in the canteen to assist children and to take them to the playground where they are also supervised. 


Children may bring packed lunches to eat instead of school dinners.  Please do not give children nuts or food containing nuts as we have several children in school who have severe allergies. We are striving to become a healthy school, therefore we encourage only healthy treats in lunch boxes (no chocolate, sweets or fizzy drinks).

Children may only change to or from school dinners after giving a week’s notice to Harrison Catering. Please be sure to notify the catering company in advance if you wish to make such a change.