Southfield Primary School


Enrichment Home Schooling

The Enrichment Work is completely independent of the weekly work set by class teachers and is designed to offer challenges to children and foster further creativity. 

You will see a plethora of resources and activities ranging from Creative Writing, Digital literacy, Shakespeare and National Theatre work, Mathematical Challenges, Art, Spanish, Music and Mental Health & Well-Being activities.

English Enrichment

Maths Enrichment

Art Enrichment

Music Enrichment

Well-Being Enrichment

Spanish Enrichment

Week 18 May

KS1 Resources 
Las Mascotas (pets)
KS1 Draw Pets 
KS1 Favourite Pet

KS2 Resources
Year 3 - Week 18 May 
Year 4 - Week 18 May 
Years 5 & 6 - Week 18 May

Weeks 4 May & 11 May

KS1 Resources
El Tren de los Colores (colours) 
La Canción del 1 al 10 (numbers) 
Canción de los Números (numbers song) 
KS1 Colouring by Numbers 
KS1 Counting I 
KS1 Counting II

KS2 Resources
Year 3 - Weeks 4 May & 11 May  
Year 4 - Weeks 4 May & 11 May

Years 5 & 6 - Weeks 4 May & 11 May