Southfield Primary School

The Southfield Child

The corner stone of our educational practice at Southfield is the well-being of all our children. We believe in the old adage mens sana incorpore sano and take our responsibility seriously in fostering in children a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally.

PE and Games

Our PE teacher, Ms Green, ensures all children receive two PE and Games lessons each week, equipping children with the requisite skills to be healthy and engender a healthy competitive spirit building a sense of team work and resilience. Along with our PE teacher, our Play Leaders support pupils at lunchtime through utilising a range of playground games and zoned areas to keep children active.

Healthy Schools Week

During May all children will participate in our themed week: Healthy Schools. Children will focus on looking at healthy diets and ways of life, focusing on a range of sporting and exercise-led activities. The week will be punctuated by many varied and interesting sporting athletes. The week will culminate in our Sports Day.

Emotional Well-Being 

The central pillar to our curriculum is children’s emotional well-being. We engender a sense of belonging to our Southfield family through practical application of our school values TRUE. All children are supported to demonstrate trust, respect, unity and empathy in all they do.

 Worry Monsters

All classes have a Worry Monster Friend and if they have any worry or concern they can write it down and place in the mouth of the worry monster. Teachers will then look at these and discuss with children.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Mindfulness and Yoga form an important part of our well-being curriculum and teachers expertly weave mindfulness and yoga throughout the day as a way to both stimulate and support learning. Children use yoga and mindfulness each day in class to support them in remaining calm and focused; skills which are fundamental to enjoying school and can be used in all areas of life.

We place a strong emphasis on preparing children to be at ease with themselves and understand how to look after their mental health. We celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week where children think and learn about how to develop and recognise areas related to well-being.

Emotional Support

Children who may need support with any emotional difficulty or may have any issue worrying them work with Ms Blake during afternoons. This allows children to feel nurtured and, through a range of talking, art and music activities, feel supported to discuss their feelings.

Blossom Club

Ms Blake is our Well-Being Coordinator and runs our Blossom Club each Wednesday lunchtime. Children are able to attend the club if they need any support making friends or are experiencing any emotional difficulties. The club was created to allow all our children to blossom and flourish. Children attending the club immerse themselves in art activities, mindfulness colouring, cooking.

Art Enrichment

We are fortunate to be able to offer children experiencing any emotional or confidence issues the opportunity to work with our Art volunteer. Children are supported in a safe environment to develop artistic skills and express themselves to overcome any worries whilst developing artistic talents.  


Peer Mentors

Year 6 pupils are trained to become Peer Mentors to support the younger members of the school at lunchtimes. The children apply for this role and receive training in supporting pupils to make friends, listening to problems and resolving any conflict. Any child can request the support of a Peer Mentor.

Buddy Bus-Stops

There are two buddy benches located in the playground. Year 6 Peer Mentors are assigned to these stops and, should any child need support or feel lonely in the playground, Year 6 will support them.

Zoned Playground Areas

The playground in separated into different zones at lunchtime to support pupils’ interests:

  • Games – playground games
  • Football/Basketball
  • Quiet Reading or Drawing
  • Relaxation and Reflection