Southfield Primary School


           Mens Sana in Corpore Sano       

A healthy mind in a healthy body

At Southfield, PE is an essential part of every child’s development and wellbeing.  

During each PE lesson, the children are given the opportunity to promote and develop a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.  The children will grow in confidence at their own ability to preform in a range of different collaborative and cooperative activities such as Athletics, Dance, Games and Gymnastics.

In Key Stage 1, children well learn fundamental movement skills, balance and coordination, bouncing and catching individually and with others. 

In Key Stage 2, children will continue to develop a broader range of skills, learning how to use them in different ways and to link them to make actions and sequences of movement from keeping possession of a ball in games to learning the steps to historical dance.

In Year 4 the children are provided with regular swimming lessons where children are taught to not only be confident swimmers but also about water safety.

PE is very inclusive, allowing every child to take an active role in the lesson and children also continue to learn the importance of maintaining the PE values of fair play, teamwork, sportsmanship and applying our TRUE values.

Southfield children are also encouraged to participate in competitive sporting events through house or borough competitions or our amazing sponsored events.

During the Summer Term, we hold our annual Healthy Lifestyles Week, where the children can sample a wide range of sports and fitness activities rounding off our amazing week with Sports Day. 


PE Days for 2021-2022 will be as follows: 

Day Morning Afternoon
Monday 2 Verdi, 1 Ravel 5 Schubert
Tuesday 4 Bach, 1 Haydn 5 Puccini
Wednesday 3 Elgar, 3 Strauss 6 Vivaldi
Thursday 4 Mahler, 1 Haydn 2 Mozart
Friday  1 Ravel, 3 Strauss 6 Beethoven

The children will be working on the following skills this term:

Year 1: 




Gymnastics: Unit 1 Travelling.

Investigating:  movements, stillness and how to find space safely 

Games: Unit 1 throwing and catching.   Focusing on developing a range game playing skills based in throwing and catching.


Year 2:



Gymnastics: Unit 2: Control and Balance.   Focusing and developing different gymnastics skills to create a rhythmic gymnastics sequence incorporating a range of different   balancing with control.


Games:  Unit 1:  Throwing and catching.    Improving and applying skills that demand decisions making when finding space to avoid opponents.


Year 3:


Gymnastics: Unit 1: Stretching and curling.

Focusing on developing and perform a sequence of contrasting actions that flow by linking movement and actions smoothly.

Dance: Unit:  Exploring cultural dance.   To focus on creating and adapting a range of different dance actions that demonstrates an expressive awareness of dance


Year 4:


Invasion Games: Unit 1 Marking and tackling.   To develop and demonstrate within a match scenario the four core skills of tag rugby (running, catching, passing and tackling).

Gymnastics: Unit 1 Level and speed sequences.   To create a range of sequences that include changes of level and speed focusing on different body shapes clearly.


Year 5:


Invasion Games Unit 2:  Support play and formations. To Focus and develop skilful attacking and team play exploring a range of defending

Gymnastics Unit 1: Flight.    To focus and develop a wider range of difficult actions to create a longer sequence.  

Year 6:

Gymnastics: Unit 1 Matching and mirroring. To develop sequences using variations in speed, level, direction that combined and link partners.

Invasion Games: Unit 1 Tactics.  To develop and improve defending and attacking play