Southfield Primary School



Music is central to the creative life of the school. Weekly music lessons with a specialist music teacher, Ms Gheewala, start from Nursery and are a key part of our curriculum. Music lessons are rooted in theory with a strong emphasis on performance. From Nursery through to Year 6, music lessons are designed to nurture and challenge all our children to become accomplished young musicians, sharing their achievements through regular individual and group performances.

Each week, children participate in whole school singing assemblies where they develop a range of voice and performance skills. Singing from an established repertoire, children will explore a broad and diverse range of songs and compositions that complement their wider creative curriculum. 


We encourage children’s artistic development from Nursery through to Year 6. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful art scheme weaved into the curriculum and a modern purpose-built art block. This ensures that teachers teach the curriculum with a passion for nurturing artistic confidence and originality.

Our art curriculum, which encompasses the objectives outlined in the national curriculum, is taught through six strands.

Each term of learning begins in the same way with children studying an artist’s work in detail. The artist will be chosen because of their work is a strong example of a particular skill across the strands and areas. 

The canon of artists’ works chosen cumulatively develops in complexity from the Reception year to Year 6. 

Following a detailed understanding of the artist’s work, pupils will have the chance to imitate part of the artwork or skill demonstrated in the artworks. Once the pupils have developed confidence and skills to imitate what they have observed and understood, they innovate their own works using and applying the new knowledge and skills taught with freedom.

Curriculum Enhancement

Visits to art galleries including the Tate Modern and The National Gallery are important to further inspire and motivate the children. Many year groups will visit an art gallery at least once per year. 

An exciting Art Around the World exhibition is planned for March which will showcase the exciting work produced by children through their art lessons. This coincides with the SPSA’s International Supper Evening celebrating our diversity and culture.