Southfield Primary School

Nursery Britten

Miss Seed is Nursery Britten class teacher and Mrs Barton is the teaching assistant.

During this spring Home Schooling period, please find below the activities that Miss Seed would like N Britten to complete:

Maths: Number recognition and ordering to 10 & beyond.  Use a dice and match the number to the correct number of objects. Count anything such as teabags, pairs of socks, counters etc.  Use numbers from 2-10 from a pack of cards to play snap or other games.  Look around the house to find 2D & 3D shapes.

Topic: Growth.  Grow some cress seeds and use a diary to observe how long it takes to grow.  Observe nature and spring in your garden.

English: Continue to help your child write their name and concentrate on a good pencil grip & correct letter formation. Revise letter sounds: s, a, t, p.  The next two letter sounds to learn are: i & n.

Play games such as I Spy, or help your child think of something beginning with one of the letter sounds, and then get them to draw a picture.

Listen to nursery rhymes, well-known stories, letter and number songs on YouTube.

Autumn Term

Nursery Britten has music sessions as well. 

Ferdie’s Mum came into Nursery to teach us Music. We had a fun time and did lots of different things. We heard some music by Britten and she played several instruments including the flute and the guitar.  


We sang lots of different songs and had a chance to play some of the instruments. We also learnt how to play loudly, softly, fast and slow. We were able to listen to all of the instructions well.