Southfield Primary School

6 Beethoven

Ms McGreal and Mr Porter are  the teachers in 6 Beethoven. 

Autumn 1 2021-2022



This half term, Year 6 have been studying our class novel ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ which is set during World War Two. We have acted as evacuees in drama lessons and written many pieces from our main character, Willie’s, perspective.

In History, we have covered World War One, how it began, life in the tranches and its consequences. We have written diary entries from the perspective of a soldier in the tranches and really enveloped ourselves into life during war times.  

In Geography we studied map skills and all about longitude and latitude and in Science we have studied The Circulatory System and even experimented with increasing our heart rates.

We learned all about Humanism and what being a Humanist means in RE and in PSHE we studied all about how to keep ourselves healthy.

In Creative Writing we have linked our picture books to World War Two and our class novel and this has also been a main theme in our Real Life Maths lessons where we have completed lessons on rationing.




Below are links to our Welcome meeting and current curriculum overviews. 



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