Southfield Primary School

4 Mahler

Mr Woodthorpe Browne is the class teacher for 4 Mahler.

Academic Year 2021-22



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Academic Year 2020-21



4 Mahler Welcome Meeting

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Autumn Half Term 2

It has been another busy half term for 4 Mahler!

We continued with our history topic on the Victorians where we compared schooling then and now. We were shocked to learn of the punishments children received for mistakes in their work or making the wrong choices. We also discovered that lessons back then were nowhere near as exciting as they are today! We are sad to be bringing this topic to a close but look forward to finding out what next term has in store for us.

There are so many talented artists in 4 Mahler and, once again, we have added some wonderful work to our sketch books. Our watercolour flowers, inspired by Georgia O’ Keefe, were particularly impressive!

In science, we were amazed to find out that we could hear each other through our paper cup telephones! We made these by connecting two plastic cups with a long piece of string. One person spoke into the cup while the other listened carefully. The sound vibrations travelled along the tightly pulled string, allowing us to hear the message. We soon realised that this didn’t work quite as well if the string was loose or knotted.

Autumn Half Term 1

What a busy and exciting half term we have had in 4 Mahler!

Science lessons have been very hands-on and we have had so much fun building circuits with light bulbs, buzzers, motors and switches. In addition to this, we chose a range of materials and tested to see if they were electrical conductors or insulators.

In art, we have explored a range of artists and used their work as starting points for our own. We particularly enjoyed looking at a range of distorted portraits by Francis Bacon and later created our own by cutting out our facial features and rearranging them in unusual ways.  With so much of our artwork on display, our classroom looks amazing!

Our history lessons have taught us just how lucky we are not to be Victorian! As part of our computing lessons, we spent time researching some of the nasty jobs poor Victorian children were forced to do, including rat-catching, chimney sweeping and working long hours in factories. We will continue with this topic after half term and look forward to finding out about Victorian money, clothing and toys.