Southfield Primary School

3 Strauss

Ms Fane is the class teacher for 3 Strauss.

Academic year 2021-22



Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview 

Welcome Meeting


Academic year 2020-21



3 Strauss Welcome Meeting

Year 3 Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview

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Year 3 Summer 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Summer 2 Curriculum Overview

Autumn Half Term 2

This half term, 3 Strauss has had a lot of fun learning!

One of the highlights has been the weekly trip to Forest School. The children have had the amazing opportunity to lead their own learning in the outdoors through exploration and discovery, which has provided them with meaningful experiences. Through these experiences, they have developed their problem solving skills, learnt resilience and resourcefulness, and developed their emotional intelligence and ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Science has focused on investigative learning to explore the topic of forces. The children have learnt about the effects of friction on different surfaces, whether a material is magnetic or non-magnetic, and explored magnetic poles by making their very own compasses!

In history, they have continued to learn about the Romans. They have learnt about Roman gods and goddesses and the roads that they built, many of which we still use today. They also created Roman shields – which was so much fun – and used them to better understand successful Roman battle formations. They have contextualised their learning in English lessons, applying their knowledge and understanding to write across a range of genres.

The focus of art this term has been painting. The children have developed their understanding of colour and explored ways of making and creating a range of colours from the primary and secondary range.  They also had a lot of fun making wind chimes, which they will buy to raise money for charities that the school wishes to support. They have received lots of comments about how fabulous they all look!

Autumn Half Term 1

What a fantastic time we have been having in 3 Strauss!

In history, we have been learning all about the Romans and their impact on Britain. First we had to find out where they fitted into the history of this country, so we created a timeline of British history. We also discovered that the Romans loved to bathe and would go to the baths to meet their friends as well as to wash. We will continue with this topic after half term and look forward to finding out about Roman houses, Gods and battle formations.

Our science this half term has been all about light and shadows. We have been investigating that we need light in order to see and that it travels very fast in waves. We also learnt that sun can be dangerous and we designed sunglasses to protect out eyes from the UV rays.

This half term we have been studying Charlotte’s Web in English. We have all been enjoying the story and it has been a great inspiration for a range of different genres, such as character description, diary writing and newspaper reports. We can’t wait to find out what happens to Wilbur and Charlotte at the end of the story.