Southfield Primary School

3 Elgar

Mrs Kinoshi is 3 Elgar class teacher and Mrs McGuiness and Mrs Taylor are the teaching assistants.

During this spring Home Schooling period, please find below the tasks that Mrs Kinoshi would like 3 Elgar to complete:

Log on to Mathletics and complete tasks.
Log on to Reading Eggs and complete tasks.
Log on to Curriculum Visions (log in details sent by Parentmail)  

- Write instructions how to become a centurion
- Write a fact file about a Roman god or goddess
- Create a comic strip about Boudicca and the Romans
- Write a dialogue between Boudicca and a Roman emperor using speech punctuation (inverted commas, commas, question and exclamation marks, full stops)
Years 3 and 4 Spellings List.

- Practise times tables facts to 10 - time yourself
- Divide two-digit numbers using number line (chunking), i.e. 63 / 3 = _ (jumping in 3s from 0 to 63)
- Continue to use column addition and subtraction to solve problems, i.e. missing numbers in calculations
- Practise telling the time - full hour, half past, quarter past and quarter to; 5, 10, etc. minutes past and to an hour
- Convert between analogue and 12-hour digital clocks

Research facts about Japan.
Create a booklet including these aspects:
- position on the world map, large cities, mountains, rivers
- culture: food, clothing, festivals
- famous landmarks
- famous people
- art
- religion
- language
Find origami instructions and make something out of paper.

- draw and label parts of a plant
- draw and label parts of a flower
- research what photosynthesis is and create a poster with diagrams to explain the process

- make a collage of your favourite plant, i.e. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers
- use coloured paper or tissue paper to make a flower

Autumn Term

Here is what 3 Elgar got to do last term:

On December 9th, 3E and 3S spent their morning in Turnham Green visiting St Michael's and All Saints, Church of England and the Buddhist Vihara. Father Thomas explained the importance of the church for Christians. He took us on a tour and talked to us about each part of the church as well as what happens during a mass, which is an act of worship for many people.

Then we made our way to the Buddhist Vihara which is the oldest Buddhist place of worship in London. One of the monks showed us around the Main Hall, the Library and the Shrine. He told us about how Buddhism began and about the importance of meditation. We also had a turn at practising meditating which, for Buddhists, is a way of exercising your mind and gaining wisdom. Mr Jones would have been impressed with our focus!