Southfield Primary School

3 Elgar

Ms Kemp is the class teacher for 3 Elgar. 


Summer 1 2021-2022



This half term in English we read ‘Stig of the Dump’ where we followed the adventures of Barney and his unlikely friend – a caveman named Stig. We used the novel to write character descriptions, an informal letter, a play script and an adventure story to name a few. In Maths we have worked on our time skills, recognising and counting money and also developed our confidence on the column method for both adding and subtracting.

In our Science lessons we learned about rocks. We looked at how rocks are formed, different types of rocks and the permeability of rocks. We were able to use rocks and a glass of water to look at the permeability of the rocks. We also made predictions of what we think properties of different rocks are. We looked at sandstone, granite, marble and slate as well as chalk.

In history we looked at Law and Power where we discovered interesting facts about when the Magna Carta was formed as well as why. In Geography we ‘traveled’ around Western Europe Where we learned about which counties make up Western Europe as well as the capital cities and the languages spoken in those counties. We also looked at the different popular foods in France and compared the food to what we are used to in England.. As well as this, compared the human and physical geography of Paris and compared this to London.

We took a trip to the local shop for one of our Real Life Maths lessons. The children were able to use their money skills in order to buy themselves a sweet treat. They needed to add up the value of their treats as well as tell the shopkeeper how much change they would need. If they were correct they could but the items, if they were incorrect they needed to try the sum again.

Spring 2 2021-2022



This half term in Maths Year 3 have consolidated their knowledge of addition and subtraction. We have also worked on multiplication and division. We have been focusing on our 3,4 and 8 times tables. In English we have been focusing on non-fiction. We have studied biographies, information texts and explanation texts to name a few. We have travelled back in time and dove into the world of the Vikings and were able to take a virtual tour of the ‘Museum of the Viking Age’ in Oslo. Also enjoyed our trip to Butser Farm we impressed the employees with all of our Viking knowledge.
We have continued to build our knowledge of the UK with emphasis on the South West Coast. We have learned all about erosion and how this has affected the Jurassic Coast, learned how climate effects agriculture and how tourism is a major industry in the South West. We are all very intrigued about how farmers are combining agriculture and tourism in order to grow their business. A good example of this is ‘The Big Sheep’.
Over this half term we have had a variety of exciting events. We had our Reading Festival where we held a variety of workshops and were lucky to have Christian Foley, a spoken word poet, deliver a fantastic interactive session. We were amazed by how quickly he could put a poem together and this inspired us to write our own poems when we got back to the classroom. We also had Jeremy Strong deliver a workshop and he also signed books at the end of the day. The following week we had Science week where we were able to carry out a selection of experiments. We learned about optical illusions, periscopes, life on Mars and life cycles.


Spring 1 2021-2022



Wow! We are already half way through Year 3! What a term we have had! In English we used Robert Sitwell’s classic novel ‘Ice Palace’ to develop a range of writing skills through descriptive narratives, short suspenseful stories, diary entries and informal letters. We even wrote some beautiful free-verse poetry, describing a winter woodland as this is the setting for the novel. Our use of expanded noun phrases, metaphors and similes created some very vivid imagery. The mood of the story was reflected in these poems through phrases such as ‘the berries glistened red as blood against the snow covered branches’ and ‘the wind was an unwelcome hug.’ In Maths we have been using number lines to enhance our addition and subtraction skills. We have been learning about adding two digit to three digit numbers, as well as subtracting two digit from three digit numbers.  We are working on using inverse operations and informal methods to solve addition and subtraction problems so that we can solve sums in a variety of different ways. This will help the children be confident when learning formal methods of addition and subtraction which is our next step. Light has been our topic this half term for Science. The children have had lots of fun conducting different experiments to further their understanding of how light moves, how shadows are created and change. We used mirrors to explore how the light rays are reflected in different ways! Mirror writing was lots of fun and a lot harder than we expected it to be. We have also made our own sundials at Forest School which has been a highlight of the week! We are having an amazing time in History this term learning all about how the Anglo Saxon’s settled in Britain after the Roman’s left. Did you know that most of the days of the week are named after Anglo Saxon gods before they converted to Christianity? We have started to learn about the Vikings and how their boat building skills helped make them such supreme traders and raiders. In Geography we have been learning about the journey of a river from source to mouth and comparing rivers around the world.

Autumn 2 2021-22



This half term has been a busy one for Year 3! Full of exciting learning and experiences. In English we have been learning how to write in a variety of non-fiction styles including most recently instructional writing where we have written a recipe for the Ancient Egyptian Caraway Buns we made during our fabulous History Day. We were visited by the goddess Isis and learnt all about how prepare a Pharaoh for the Afterlife! In Maths we have been continuing to grow our confidence in our number skills through working on addition and subtraction. We have developed our reasoning skills through learning about how to check our working out but doing the reverse operation to ensure our answers are correct. Science this term we have been learning all about cycles and their repeating nature. We have found patterns in all aspects of life from the way our planet cycles through the seasons, plants and nature cycles. It has been fascinating to learn how life is a repeating pattern. Geography Week was a great success with the children developing their confidence in map skills, locating different countries and cities around the world as well as exploring the world through the wonder of Google Maps and street view. We also had a go at orienteering around the playground! It was cold but great fun! Our History topic has been exploring the Ancient Egyptians and learning how they lived and died. Our PSHE and RE days focused on ensuring our social skills are based on kindness and Christmas. Of course we also topped off this half term with our musical spectacular The Mouse in Santa’s House!

Autumn 1 2021-22



In Year 3 this term, we have been studying E.B. White’s classic story ‘Charlotte’s Web’. The children have used the story to extend their vocabulary and writing skills and written an amazing play script complete with stage directions, and wrote in both 1st and 3rd person through diary entries and recounting the story.

In Maths this half of term, the children have continued to consolidate and build on their place value skills. They have been using their reasoning and mastery skills to explain how they know where and why a number goes in a certain place or order.

In Science, we have learnt about how our skeleton keeps us upright and moving, that our muscles are either controllable or independent of control and we have explored the inner workings of our digestive system.

In Geography we have been using our map skills and understanding of different parts of the world to compare and contrast different areas of the world.

History this half term has been all about learning about what life was like in Stone Age Britain. We have been amazed at how much we can learn from what has been left behind.


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