Southfield Primary School

2 Verdi

Ms Cockrem is 2 Verdi class teacher and Ms Hazell is the teaching assistant.

Home Schooling 

Here are some new tasks (27 March) that Ms Cockrem would like 2 Verdi to complete:

Log on to Mathletics and complete tasks.
Log on to Reading Eggs and complete tasks.
Log on to Curriculum Visions (log in details sent by Parentmail).
Complete the Arithmetic and Reading workbooks daily (sent home)

- Continue to practise addition and subtraction strategies and simple multiplication and division. 
- Problem solving using the 4 operations.
- Grammar: suffix words and how a suffix changes the meaning of the words. 
- Different types of sentences: command, question, exclamation and statement.
- We were due to write a newspaper report on Finding Tutankhamun's Treasure using this template. We have done lots of prior research for this. Children could be reminded of the features of a newspaper.
- Reading comprehension.
- Ancient Egyptians: pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, temples and ancient numbers.
- Healthy Eating: revise different food groups and plan and draw a healthy meal.
- Copy Egyptian art
- Collage work using recycled materials

Years 1 and 2 Spellings List.

Autumn Term

And here are some of the activities that 2 Verdi got to do last term:


In December, Julianne from The Rainbow Trust children’s charity came in to talk to 2V and 2M about the work they do. The children listened well and asked interesting questions. We hope to raise lots of money! 

In November, 2V and 2M went on a trip to Hampton Court Palace to enrich our knowledge of the Tudors and Henry VIII, as part of our topic on People of the Past. We took part in a Tudor workshop and explored the palace. We enjoyed travelling on a coach, most of us for the first time!