Southfield Primary School

1 Ravel

Miss West and Miss Majewska are 1 Ravel class teachers and Mrs Almjbarae is the teaching assistant.

During this spring Home Schooling period, please find below the activities that Miss West and Miss Majewska would like 1 Ravel to complete:

Log on to Mathletics and complete tasks.
Log on to Reading Eggs and complete tasks.
Log on to Curriculum Visions (log in details sent by Parentmail)  

- Write a set of instructions for playing your favourite game
- Follow a set of instructions to make something
- Practise using time connectives (First, then, next, after, finally, now etc…) when writing or giving instructions
- Write sentences using full stops and capital letters
- Write a set of questions to ask your family. Remember to use a question mark. 
Years 1 and 2 Spellings List.

- Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
- Find one more and one less than a number
- Make different money totals
- Play ‘shops’ and practise giving change
- Create a ‘spending diary’ and track the money you spend. Help a grown up to track their money too!

- Name and describe the four seasons
- Design an outfit for each season
- List adjectives associated with each season
- Think about the season your birthday is in
- What is the weather like in each season?
- What is the difference between weather and climate?
- Choose a country and find out what the weather is like there
- Find out about day length and how it changes throughout the year
- What are shadows? How are they formed?

- Make a list of your favourite toys
- Look carefully at the materials each toy is made from
- Become a toymaker! Design and label your own toy - include as much information as possible about it
- Create a poster to advertise your brand new toy

Find out what ‘fabric resist’ is and create your own on squares of white cotton.

- Complete pages from Phonics workbook daily
- Continue to learn the sounds on your phase 5 mat
- Create your own aliens with alien words using your sound mat
- Practise reading and writing tricky words (YouTube has some very catchy songs!)

Spring Term 1

And this is what 1 Ravel have been up to this first half of this spring term.

We took the tube to go all the way to Richmond to visit the Museum of Richmond on the top floor of the beautiful Town Hall. We were able to dress up like in the 'olden times' and learn about toys and how children in the past used to play  games.