Southfield Primary School

1 Ravel

Mr Murray is the class teacher for 1 Ravel. 

Academic Year 2021-22



Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview 

Welcome Meeting


Academic Year 2020-21



1 Ravel Welcome Meeting

Year 1 Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Spring 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Summer 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Summer 2 Curriculum Overview

Autumn Half Term 2

1 Ravel have been busy again this half term. Our History and Science topics have continued and have provided inspiration for our English writing lessons. We wrote a biography of Queen Elizabeth II  and a balanced argument text about Autumn. We used drama techniques, conscience alleys and debates to help inspire our writing. In Maths we challenged ourselves, solving word and reasoning problems, whilst using concrete resources for support. We enjoyed reading Tin and Centipedes 100 Shoes in our Maths Through Story lessons, applying our knowledge of shape and number. In Art we explored ‘colour’, how tints and shades are used by artists. We created our own ‘Splash’ picture after studying David Hockney’s A Bigger Splash.

Autumn Half Term 1

Year 1 have been very busy this half term. In science we have been learning about Trees, exploring different types, including coniferous and deciduous. We created some wonderful artwork, showing seasonal changes.

Our history topic allowed us to explore our family tree, and learn about the recent past. We worked hard to produce our own family trees. Our Maths Through Story and Creative Writing lessons have allowed us to apply our knowledge and understanding of English and Maths in different ways.

Dance lessons have provided lots of fun. We ended the term with a performance of ‘The Little Mermaid’. Mrs Robinson said we were fantastic.