The Governing Body

Southfield’s governing body is responsible, together with the head teacher, for the overall running of the school. Governors work as a team and aim to play our part in helping to make Southfield a happy, stimulating school for your child.

Southfield School has thirteen governors, made up of elected parents, elected teachers, representatives of the Ealing local education authority and co-opted governors. Each governor’s term of office lasts four years. Our school governors are rated amongst the best in the local authority.

The governing body meets at least once a term and deals with a wide range of issues concerning the school. It has two sub-committees – one covering the curriculum and the other responsible for management, finance, appointments and the school building – which consider issues in more detail and report to the full governing body. As governors our main responsibilities are to:

– oversee the school’s budget. This is allocated each year by the local education authority;  The governing body, in consultation with the head teacher, decides  how that money is spent;

– decide on staffing levels and oversee staff appointments;

– monitor the school development plan. This is a short, medium and long-term plan for the school covering the curriculum and its development, financial management and premises;

– maintain links with Ealing local authority from which the school receives support and advice on financial, personnel, premises and curriculum matters;

If you have any questions about the work of the governing body, then please contact one of the governors, (see the Who’s who section) an updated list is published each year in the Annual Report to Parents. You are also welcome to see minutes of our governing body meetings.  Click here to visit our Governor’s communications page.

You can either be elected as a parent governor (details of the next elections are available from the headteacher) appointed by the local education authority (this is done by the political parties represented on the Council), or be co-opted by the other governors. If you are interested in being considered for co-option, then please contact the head teacher or the Chair of the Governing Body  via the School Office.

Department for Education (DfE) guidance on statutory policies and documents says that maintained schools are required to keep a register of Business Interests of Governors and the Headteacher. From 1 September 2015, governing bodies will be under a duty to publish on their website their register of interests. Please find a link below to the Register of Business Interests of Governors at Southfield Primary School.

Signed Register of Business Interests 2017


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